Family rehabilitation

The family team at DIGNITY helps families in which several or all family members have physical, psychological and social problems resulting from torture, organized violence, abuse, war experiences and exile.

When one or more members of a family have been subjected to torture and violence, it affects both children and adults in the family. Parents living with physical and psychological sequelae of torture and separation from their original family may have difficulties meeting the needs of their children.

Consequently children are often given too much responsibility in the family. Children are very aware of how their parents and siblings cope, and this pressure may cause psychosomatic symptoms, sleep problems, aggressive or introverted behavior, concentration and learning difficulties, school phobia, enuresis (urine/feces incontinence) and identity problems.

The family team consists of a physician, physiotherapist, social worker, psychologist and family therapist. The team works closely to help adults and children in the family. Psychologist and family therapist works with the entire family. The parents also receive individual treatment as well as receiving help and consultation from a social worker. When needed, the parents will be offered individual psychotherapy.

The treatment aims at clarifying the specific family's difficulties and resources, and the parents' individual needs for treatment. Within each thematic area, the team focuses on the entire family situation seen from a systemic perspective. As part of the treatment, network meetings are held with all state officials cooperating around the family. All parts including the parents participate on an equal footing.

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